New Integration: TrackerGo

New Integration: TrackerGo

Mobile Dispatching Is Almost Here with TrackerGO!

We are very excited to announce our new Tracker Mobile Dispatch app TrackerGO!  The workplace is changing and you have to have the ability to conduct business anywhere at anytime.  With TrackerGO you can do exactly that!

TrackerGo Includes:
  • Ability to Add new calls.
  • View your dispatch board of unassigned and assigned calls.
  • Assign the calls to the drivers.  Works with TrackerMobile.
  • View and update the statuses of each call.
  • Two way messaging from you to your drivers.
  • FREE to customers currently using TrackerMobile
  • Available on Android and iOS and works with your existing Tracker System
We are currently looking for BETA testers for this new app.

If you are interested, please email us at and indicate whether you would like to be a beta tester or wait for the general release (Projected Sept).

Thanks for your continued loyalty!