New Integration: eImpound

New Integration: eImpound

FREE lienholder and Registered Owner information integrated into your Tracker system.

During these times Tracker continues to look for ways to make our customers more efficient and reduce their costs without having to spend more.  So Tracker is evaluating an integration with, which is a free way to get lien holder and owner information for all of your impounds.  It helps remove the cost and headaches of tracking this information down through local municipalities or the added expense of paid services.  The integration will be FREE OF CHARGE to all active Help Desk and TrackerCloud customers. 


Tracker will submit nightly any new VIN number of a cars impounded in your tracker system to the system.  If there is a match will return the Lien holder and owner information and populate the corresponding records within Tracker.

We are currently seeking BETA test customers to test the integration. 

Please let us know your level of interest by replying to this email:

I DO currently use and am interested in being a beta test site for this integration
I DO NOT currently use, but I am interested in being a beta test site for this integration
I am Interested in this integration, but not as a BETA test site.  Please contact me when it is ready
I am not interested in this integration


There is no catch, but in full disclosure Tracker will receive funding for this integration from  The Tracker integration and the data received from will be completely free of charge to you, our custome